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I'm an eager learner with a restless curiosity, who is in love with technology.

In my professional life I am a technical consultant, providing enterprises with the most efficient and cutting edge technology in the Service Assurance domain.

I use my free time to research new ways of Big Data processing, focused on opinion mining, as a PhD student in the University of Vigo.

  • Programming Skills
  • Solution Architecture
  • Fast Learning Abilities
  • UNIX Administration
  • Web Development








CA Technologies


 Services Consultant
 CA Technologies

  •  I am responsible for the expert technical knowledge of and ability to effectively implement products of chosen expertise both at the individual product level and solution level within the client environment.
  •  I am involved in Enterprise Software implementation projects and solutions on: Service Assurance, Monitoring Infrastructure, Network Performance Management and Application Performance Management (APM).
  •  Along the implementation tasks, I am also engaged in troubleshooting technical product implementation issues that could arise in the projects or after finishing them.
 Technical Consultant
 Hewlett Packard Spain

  •  As part of the Service Assurance team, I worked with major telecom operators, providing, maintaining and expanding their monitoring platforms, thus enabling them to take full control of their network.
  •  One of my main roles included the analysis of new functionalities to be offered to the client, determining the more efficient approach and the most flexible solution, the elaboration and presentation of the proposal, the implementation of the solution and the deployment in the production system.
  •  In the Service Assurance domain, my primary field of work was fault and performance management, but I was also involved in other fields like process automation or network management.
  •  I worked integrating different products and devices from different providers, using provided APIs or building new ones. These products included from simple SNMP monitoring software, Base Stations Managers, and Automation tools to complex correlation systems and ITSM products.
  •  I was in charge of supervising the development team since early 2012, and some of my responsibilities included determining the scope of new petitions, verifying that the coding and quality guidelines are strictly followed, and ensuring all members of the team were aware of their context, in order to prevent rework.
  •  I was in charge of defining the new structure of the platform in a major migration project, in order to adapt it to a new hardware/software combination and standardizing all the elements (external and locally developed), allowing easier configuration and maintenance.
 Technical Consultant
 Hewlett Packard Venezuela

  •  I was part of a team working in two implementations from the ground up of an Alarm Monitoring System based on HP TeMIP, for fault management in telecom networks in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Both projects included interconnection with heterogeneous systems, like HP NNM and BMC Remedy, among others.
  •  My roles included the design, test, configuration and installation of the solution in the implementation phase, following the directives established by the client.
  •  In the Application Management phase of one of the projects, I was in charge of the team coordination with the client, managing the tasks assignments and the scope and time needed by each one.
  •  I received training for several of HP products, including Service Activator, IUM and TeMIP, Project Management skills, and got certificated in other areas like Oracle Database Administration, Linux Administration and Cisco Networks.
 Transmission Engineer

  •  My main job was to design microwaves links for cell stations, some including on-site visits to the towers.
  •  Also, I designed and implemented a data integration and automation project between RF and transmission departments, that granted both teams the possibility to exchange data without redundant information, and allowed the Transmission department to increase its efficiency by automating some of the steps done while designing new links.
 Operations Analyst

  •  As part of the operations team, I was in charge of the monitoring and control of services provided by the company, including remotely located Linux servers. My responsibilities included the surveillance of services, software installation and configuration, resource provisioning and optimization of the system.
  •  I designed and implemented a web based version management system with Subversion, that was used by the development team on a daily basis.
  •  Also, I did consulting in a security audit made by the company, and participated in the optimization and migration of a photograph management system.


Graduated with honors


MBA Completed


Master in Telematics


PhD in Telematics


 PhD Telematics Engineering
 Universidade de Vigo
  •  Development of the Marble Initiative, an opinion mining platform. Information available at Marble Website.
 Master in Telematics Engineering
 Universidade de Vigo

 Master of Business Administration
 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  •  Best Academic Record of the 2009-2010 MBA (Spanish Version).
 Electronics Engineering (cum laude)
 Universidad Simón Bolívar
  •  Credential recognized by the Department of Education of Spain in 2010

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